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Mountain Gate Property Investment is located at Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, UAE. MGPI is one of the leading workers villages with the guide, support, and leadership of Zones Corporation.

MGPI aims to develop, enhance, and maintain the new lifeline of the workers to be active player in achieving the goal among the best five (5) cities in the world in Human Rights concept by 2030.

MGPI partnered with Explorer Facility Management to hire qualified professionals, trained staff, and sub-contractors to provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable living environment for occupiers of MGPI village.

Catering Services
Security Services
Laundry Services
Housekeeping Services
Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Services
Soft and Hard Services
Property Services
Support Services

We offer total facilities management solutions to a diverse client base.

  • Catering
  • Food plays a crucial part in our lives. With our expertise and experience we know how much healthy, fresh and tasty food can influence work performance. Bearing that in mind, our competent chefs and in-house specialists take pride in creating nutritionally balanced and innovative menus. This is our way of giving the customer the best ingredients for a well-functioning and healthy workforce. In collaboration with our customers we work closely to understand their precise needs. Working within the ethnic and cultural environment, we tailor a flexible and transparent solution that enables customers to scale services to meet ever changing needs.

  • Waste Management
  • As part of the many facilities services, we also provide waste collection and disposal services in an environment friendly manner and waste recycle plans.

  • Security
  • Security at Mountain Gate Property Investment ultimate focus is to promote the importance of an embedded security culture across each inch of your business and working environment. Security is now as relevant to the whole workforce in everyday operations as safety and quality. Our Security Team Members will foster a combined effort from everyone to view security as a shared responsibility. Our objective is to deter and detect potential wrongdoing in the environments that we have been charged with protecting. Working together with the customer we provide a consistent, reliable and high-quality end-to-end security solution. We ensure that the customer has all bases covered and the necessary safety measures implemented to mitigate risk.

  • Laundry
  • Some stains may never come out in the cleaning process. Other stains require specialized techniques to remove them. Our skilled craftsmen are used at every stage to achieve the very best possible results with each & every article by using Green Laundry Solutions. Fully Computerized Dry Cleaning Machines and most advance Detergents and Additives enable us to achieve the highest level of Cleaning.

  • Pest Control
  • A pest-free environment is a necessity both indoors and outdoors. Our Pest Management Team is devoted to provide you with control over flying insect pests, crawling insect pests and the control of rodents using with non-toxic methods.

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    MGPI applied high standards in the worker Residential Village to achieve an acceptably good standard of Facilities Management so as to provide a safe and reasonably, comfortable living environment for the foreign workers. MGPI employed, engaged and hired qualified, professional, trained staff and sub-contractors to operate MGPI village in good operating conditions that provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable living environment for occupiers of MGPI village. We hired Explorer Facility Management Co. as a sister company in the group supported by well trained, qualified staff to run the show of FM operating in MGPI village.

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