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Our company history


The first contract

UIG secures its first contract for more than three thousand blue colour workers.


Rapid expansion in manpower outsourcing

Being among the very first companies to have the approval of the UAE government for sizeable manpower supply. UIG transformed quickly from humble beginning to building a qualified and trained labour supply that is MASSIVE. Many big projects are signed.


UIG builds its first labour camp.

As UIG labour supply grows exponentially the need to accommodate the work force grows as well.UIG builds its first labour city providing comfortable affordable living.

2009 - 2011

More camps are built

UIG continues to build labour camps. Currently UIG owns and operates four major labour camps in Abu Dhabi with a total capacity of more than 70,000 beds. Many subsidiaries are created to manage UIG and non UIG owned camps.


UIG branches into hospitality

UIG opens its first cafe shop in Abu Dhabi. It also opens a shisha and contemporary Rawaq restaurant.More gets opened along the years.



UIG builds a renowned resort in the Philippines, StarGate Dream!


Real estate

UIG establishes a real estate subsidiary targeting the UAE market especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!


UIG acquires Dubai-based Howdra

UIG acquires Howdra a company specialised in maid and maintenance labour supply.


MGI Catering Services

Established as a new company.