Our Vision

Facilitate a professional environment where talent and opportunity complement each other, furthering the progress and opportunities in real estate, hospitality, hotels and other business venues.

Our Mission

To best serve the manpower needs of our customers through qualitative requirement procedures and an extensive worldwide network. To deliver the best service to our client base in hotels, restaurants and real estate.



Strategic and effective manpower management.


Proper planning and process to meet our client's expectations


Selecting the best suitable manpower solutions on each project

Our Work

Delivering tangible, precise and valuable results to our customers


Our corporate values

We have a strong commitment to our corporate mission and vision.

We implement our business goals through a wealth of experience and unwavering commitment.

We act in full integrity and are known by it.

We take responsibility of our decisions.

We are dedicated to the highest level of customer service experience.

We strive to build long-term client relationship based on delivering exceptional services within the required timeline.

Get answers from Professionals !

01. Where can I get quotation for my project?

You can request for a quotation by clicking this link.

02. Where can I get corporate profile of UIG?

You can request our corporate profile by contacting us through our contact page.

03. How can I meet and discuss my plans?

You can book a meeting with our leading team by clicking this link.

04. How do I prepare my required manpower for my project?

Through our unique and innovative solution. We will guide you through all your manpower requirements, prepare target plans, and we will study and evaluate the scope of work you require.

05. Where is the location of UIG Head Office?

UIG’s head office is located in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. You can simply click this link for your quick direction.

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